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Testing Equipment

Testing Equipment


      The company attaches great importance to the incoming inspection of raw materials, production process inspection and finished productoutgoing inspection, especially the quality control and management in the production process. In order to ensure the accuracy of testdata and the timeliness of production process inspection, and to effectively control every link affecting product quality, the company'stechnology center has purchased international advanced testing instruments and equipment, such as direct-reading spectrometer, xenonlamp aging testing machine,ulraviolet aging testing machine,salt spray test chamber,cros-section scanner, atomic absorptionspectrophotomneter,laser particle size meter,metallographic microscope,10-ton electronic tensile testing machine,5-ton electronictensile testing machine, high and low temperature chamber, high temperature endurance load meter,constant temperature and humiditychamber, coating thickness gauge, hardness tester, etc.


Swiss direct-reading spectrometer

German Spectro direct-reading spectrometer

Indentation hardness tester

Cup drawing performance tester

Electronic Wechsler hardness tester

Metallographic microscope

Pendulum impact tester

lsrael Romidot cross-section scanner

Sandblasting wear-resisting test chamber

Laser particle size analyzer

Salt spray corrosion test chamber

Electronic tensile testing machine

Ultraviolet light accelerated aging performance test chamber

Xenon lamp aging test chamber

Mercury lamp uv resistance test chamber

Humidity and heat resistance test chamber


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